Gosport Golden Mile Interschool Challenge

Here at Gosport Golden Mile we want to focus on promoting tomorrow’s champions as well as encouraging children to get outdoors and enjoy healthy sporting activities.  The community spirit of the Golden Mile is the perfect platform for this, a beautiful, safe location with the emphasis on  team work and taking part.

The Interschool Challenge is incorporated in the Junior Golden Mile race.  In the past 3 years we have awarded a perpetual trophy and cash prize to a Senior School, for the best average race time from each school’s fastest four runners. Current champions are Cams Hill School, Fareham.

In 2016 we have extended this to awarding the inaugural Jackie Martin Memorial Shield and cash prize to a Junior School for the best average race time from each school’s fastest four runners.  This is in honour and memory of Jackie Martin, who sadly passed away, unexpectedly, early this year and who gave her wholehearted support to the Gosport Golden Mile since it’s inception.  Encouraging children to get involved in sports and athletics at a very early age and giving them a foundation of healthy competition and sportsmanship is a truly fitting legacy for Jackie.

In addition to this there are prizes for male and female personal achievements.

The event comprises of an official, chip timed, one mile distance run along the beautiful Stokes Bay, Gosport promenade for children aged between 4 and 16 years old.

What could your school do with this winning prize fund?

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Interschool Challenge Winners:

2013 – Brune Park School (Gosport)
2014 – Cams Hill (Fareham)
2015 – Cams Hill (Fareham)

The prize money for 2013, 2014 and 2015 was donated by our sponsor MG Enterprises, they take pride in supporting school participation in this event and enjoy being able to encourage young people to get involved in local athletics.

This event will only get better with more participation from your school.  Interested?  Why not approach your school’s sports department about promoting this brilliant event and encouraging your friends and fellow students to take part.  The more entries your school has the better chance you have of finding the new, upcoming “Usain Bolt” of the future and taking home the Interschool Challenge Trophy!

We would love to have your school come along and enjoy the excitement of the day.

Entry forms and posters are now available to download.
Interschool Challenge Entry Form